Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This is my stay away from people week. I am hoping to stay out of the hospital. Although I do not believe that people are the problem. One MD told me that the body has enough bacteria in it to manufacture a fever if the WBC is low enough. After all their tests 6 weeks ago, they still could not identify the virus(s) that put me in the hospital.

May is going to be a busy month. At least the chemo is over so my strength will be returning. I will have a series of neupogen shots to boost my stem cell production in hopes of harvesting enough for a transplant. I will have a catheter inserted into a vein for the chemo and transplant of the stem cells, and a protein test. All before the scheduled admission.

Karmanos and Catamaran really came through on getting my transplant approved quickly. They did it in less than 24 hours. Carol thinks that Catamaran has a note in my file to expedite my requests. I have had way too many problems with the drug company in the past but this time it was outstanding.
I hope this continues. I have a few bills that are very complicated to understand and require additional phone calls. I do not need any more.

I have been really tired today. This is unusual for the Tuesday after chemo. Normally I feel beat up as if I had just gone ten rounds with Floyd what's-his-name. Actually I doubt if I could survive one round. Tired is actually good. I have done some research on my sermon and made several phone calls but it is frustrating because I would like to do more.

The community garden is really far behind schedule. We do not even have the plots laid out. I was able to stake out the outline to half the area on Sunday and Monday but the rain and my physical condition prevented any work today. Someone volunteered to help on Thursday. Hopefully the two of us can get it done.

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