Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Suprise Injection

I went to bed the night before my first harvest. I was tired from preaching and all the other things we did. I think that I did take a nap that afternoon. About 3:00 AM I got up to visit the bathroom. I also need to change my pajamas from sweating. I had put on too many covers. Shortly after returning to bed I felt a needle-like poke in my inner thigh. I go out of bed, went to the bathroom and examined my leg. I had been bite by something, wasp, hornet, bee, something.

I returned to bed and pulled off the covers looking for it. I was not going to have a repeat. I had to shake some covers but I finally found the critter--a yellow jacket. I crushed him and placed his dead carcass on the counter in the bathroom for Carol to see in the morning to prove I was not hallucinating. She slept through all of this.

The next I arrived at the clinic to have my stem cells harvested. My WBC was only 9.89 M they prefered 10 M because the harvest of stem cells is usually 10%. However, they harvested anyway. I then had to sit around till 7:00 pm to receive a shot of another drug to boast my WBC.

I found out the next day that they had harvested 1.45, an unusual amount for such my WBC. I asked if the body produces WBC after being stung my a yellow jacket. The MD in the unit did not know but he laughed at my story.

Carol and I are rushing around to get ready for my hospitalization. I will try to post another entry tomorrow, after all, I will be rather limited in my movement.

I cant wait till June 4, Go Cavs!!!!!

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  1. Praying; I guess God could use a yellow jacket, after all He even used an ass and Jesus said that the stones would cry out. Or it could've been a sign to route for the Georgia Tech "Yellow Jackets".